Wit So Poor As Mine
Thy Self Thy Foe
Her Tender Heir Might Bear Her Memory
Liquid Prisoner
A Famine Where Abundance Lies
Buriest Thy Content
Tender Churl
By the Grave and Thee
To Hideous Winter
To Eat the World's Due
The World's Fresh Ornament
And That Fresh Blood
Herein Lies Wisdom
Thy Tatter'd Loving
Disdain the Tillage of Thy Husbandry
Look Whom She Best Endowed
Like The Ocean Be
In Profound Abysm I Throw All
Thy Jewel in Hand
But Here's the Joy
Then How When Nature Calls Thee
Forgot For Which She Toiled
In That I Honour Most
Thou Shouldst In Bounty Cherish
All the World's a Stage
Bounteous Largess
Fairest Creatures We Desire
The Ills That Were Not
Our Maladies Unseen
Thy Self Away
Thy Duty Strongly Knit
Herald to the Gaudy Spring
Were an All-Eating Shame
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