Kid Art Class

Ages 8-12

Class Info

Class is from 4:30 to 5:30 on Tuesday afternoon. Price is $140 for six weeks and supplies are included. You get one free miss per six weeks, which can be made up at the end of the session. Classes are ongoing so students can start any time. 

Class Description

Kids learn beginning academic drawing techniques and concepts through art projects in different mediums. Mediums include acrylic paint, water color, pencil drawing, oil pastels, clay, collage, block printing, scratch board, and found object constructions. Students will be well-versed in art vocabulary, concepts, and skills if they come for a while. We insist on an encouraging experience for everyone, and are quick to dismiss kids with disciplinary issues. Most importantly, we have fun!

Some of the kids will be working on their portfolios to audition for Alabama School of Fine Arts, and others are just there to learn and have fun. The combo is quite successful for both goals.

Please email or call (205) 870-7608 to sign up for a class. You may pay for the class at the first lesson, or purchase one online.

Gallery hours are: Tues 6-9, Wed 9-9. Thurs 9-11 and 4:30-9, Sat 1-4
Please call before coming if you would like to visit outside of these hours.

Applying for Alabama School of Fine Arts

Each year I have a student or two working with me on their portfolio for ASFA auditions. Red Dot has a high success rate for helping kids get accepted, but we offer no guarantees. ASFA auditions are held each year in the Spring, and we encourage students to start working with us in October on the required portfolio. If they start much later than that, it can get pretty stressful for parents and students (and us.) It is best if the student has been taking classes at Red Dot as far in advance of October as they can. If a student is considering working with us on their portfolio, I like to have a sit-down with students and parents to tell them what the process entails.


ASFA really looks favorably on prospective students that have attended their summer camps. Here is a link: ASFA Summer Camp


Here are links with information about the application process in general. It can be pretty daunting, so I recommend parents and students meet with me to explain how we prepare. I spread it out over months to make it as stress-free as possible.


ASFA Application and Audition Process      How To Apply