Red Dot Art History Class

Art history classes without snores and tests! Dori DeCamillis teaches art history the way you wish it was taught in college. All the exciting, fascinating information about  important works and movements in art history, and no memorization of names and dates. With a peek into the culture and times that shaped art throughout history students will be introduced to the big picture of various periods as well as the fun details that keep us interested and feel connected. Learn how the art our ancestors left behind gives clues into how we see the world today. 

From Ancient Greece to Art of the 20th Century, this course will guide students through the European lineage of Western culture. Stay tuned for info on future classes on art from around the world. Classes offered: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo, Neo-Classicism and Romantic, 19th Century, 1900-1945, 1945-Present.


Class schedule

For regular Red Dot students and non-students. For now art history classes will be held as paid half-hour lessons before or after Dori's regularly scheduled classes. Students can attend the class that corresponds with their existing painting or drawing class, or attend one at a different class time. Any of these art history lessons are open for non-Red Dot students with a reservation. Each class is $10 and can be paid online or in person with one's regular class. 

Next scheduled class: Ancient Greece, Tuesday night April 18


Class times: Tuesday night 5:30-6:00     Wednesday afternoon 12:00-12:30    Wednesday night 5:30-6:00   Thursday morning 11:00-11:30   Thursday afternoon 4:30-5:00

Specific dates for each class will be updated regularly on this page. For questions please email

To reserve a spot in any of the classes for $10, click the paypal button below.