Suggested Colors for Expanded Palette

Gamblin Oil Colors and M. Graham Paints are found in Birmingham at Forstall Art Supply, and are the best quality (for a somewhat reasonable price.) Forstall is downtown and has parking. Tell them you are a student at Red Dot Gallery and they will give you a 25% discount! DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF GETTING GAMBLIN 1980 line of paints. They are student grade.

You can also order these paints from, but I’m not sure you’re getting a better deal, and you have to pay shipping. Alabama Art Supply and Michaels have Gamblin, but not M Graham.


Basic Palette

Bright Yellow (such as Hansa, Azo, or Cadmium)

Bright Red (such as Napthol or Cadmium)

Blue (such as Pthalo or Ultramarine) Not a bad idea to have both.

Green (Sap is important, Pthalo is good)

Alizarin Crimson (or Alizarin Permanent)

White (such as Titanium)

Orange (Permanent or Cadmiums)***

Black (Ivory or Chromatic)



Yellow Ochre

Raw Sienna

Burnt Sienna

Raw Umber

Burnt Umber



Payne’s Gray

Caucasian Flesh Tone***

Dioxazine Purple***

Turquoise (or Cobalt Teal)***

Olive Green and Azo Green (only by M Graham. Don’t get Gamblin in these colors)

Van Dyke Brown

Quinacrodone Magenta or Red


More Expansion

Radiant Colors by Gamblin: especially Turquoise and Magenta

***Pretty important to have in your collection