Without a Net Workshop

Kindle creativity, innovative thinking, and courageous introspection in this one-day or weekend Creativity and Self-Awareness workshop with instructor Dori DeCamillis. The next workshop will be held Saturday July 1, 9:00am to 3 pm, students will learn to break through artist blocks and self-criticism while savoring the joy of being creative. This day of awakening your curiosity, stretching your imagination, and welcoming self-honesty will enliven any area of your life that needs a spark. 

For possible participants who think this sounds scary: This is the most common thing expressed by attendees before the workshop. And each and every one of them finds their fears assuaged very soon after the day commences. You are in good company, and you have nothing to worry about. But you won't be sure until you try it!  

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In the spirit of my artistic explorations in my own paintings, Without a Net workshop will offer participants creative exercises in various artistic media that explore personal mind states and perspectives in a judgment-free setting. With humor and self-acceptance as touchstones, participants will explore their own mind states, both light and shadowy, to engender courage, promote self-honesty, and acknowledge the universality of human frailty. The practices will fuel creative thinking while helping to develop resilience and equanimity. The group setting enhances a collective, unifying experience that facilitates individual growth and trust.

Exercises will include explorations in visual arts, written word, sound or music, drama, story telling, photography, and other mediums. No experience, talent, or skill necessary. Participants will probably not go home with a work of art to hang on their wall, and no one will be asked to do anything they’re not comfortable with. Expect to laugh.

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Sample of Scheduled Activities

Disclaimer: No one will be asked to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. Between the following exercises we will share the findings and victories that unfold. Please bring your camera phone.

-Introduction and slide show

-Visual Arts project: Use various media to find hidden imagery

-Show and Tell: Share what is revealed by the day's projects

-Written word: Write loose, nonsense poems (or tidy sensible ones!)

-Found object diorama: Create and photograph a telltale scene with everyday junk 

-Sound project: Examine how sound plays a role in our lives

-Game day: Play a non-competitive game that builds connections.

-Photography: Take photos that convey a state of mind

-Create an action figure: With simple props make a tiny hero, villain, friend, or guardian

-Group discussion: Share the day’s findings and victories




Please check back for the next Without a Net Workshop date and location. Due to lots of autumn travel, Dori will be taking a break from workshops until spring. Workshops are usually held at Red Dot Gallery with a cost of $100. A healthy lunch is provided. If this lunch doesn't suit, participants are welcome to bring their own lunch or grab a bite at one of the many restaurants just around the corner from the gallery. 

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