Red Dot Workshops 

Spend the day being creative, learning a skill, meeting new friends, and getting away from the stress of life. Our workshops are carefully crafted for the right balance of effort and ease, with extra attention paid to make sure you aren't bored! You will walk away smarter and happier, we promise. 

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Without a Net Workshop

In the spirit of my artistic explorations in my own paintings, Without a Net workshop will offer participants creative exercises in various artistic media that explore personal mind states and perspectives in a judgment-free setting. With humor and self-acceptance as touchstones, participants will explore their own mind states, both light and shadowy, to engender courage, promote self-honesty, and acknowledge the universality of human frailty. The practices will fuel creative thinking while helping to develop resilience and equanimity. The group setting enhances a collective, unifying experience that facilitates individual growth and trust.


Portrait Workshop

Whether you want to try your hand at oil portraiture for the first time or hone your advanced skills, this workshop will guide you to more competence in this time-honored tradition. All the fundamentals of the genre will be covered so that students become more comfortable with this complex and nuanced pursuit.  




Simple Photography Workshop

For those wanting to take professional looking photos with a smart phone or simple camera, this workshop offers the fundamentals of photography and photo-editing starting with the most basic principles of design. This one-day workshop is perfect for those interested in taking excellent images for painting reference, or anyone who just wants to take better pictures. Getting familiar with tools of composition, lighting, color saturation, and more can make a world of difference in your photos, and turn your phone/camera into an enjoyable pastime.