The Space

Red Dot Gallery was opened in September 2004 by artists Scott Bennett and Dori DeCamillis. After 20 years of working and exhibiting separately all over the United States, the two national artists came together and opened their shared studio to public students. The result is a welcoming and creativity-enhancing educational environment for Birmingham. Check out our past exhibits here

Red Dot has a small gallery space to exhibit the work of Dori and Scott, as well as other local and occasionally national artists. The work of Red Dot Students is exhibited in an annual student show, and individual students will have solo shows when they have sufficiently developed their visual voice and have an adequate-sized body of work. 

The Classes

Located in the Edgewood area of Homewood (Birmingham, Alabama) Red Dot offers painting, drawing, and pottery classes for adults, as well as art classes for children. Bennett and  DeCamillis have sought to pass on their experience as artists by balancing the academic, technical, and conceptual concerns of art-making with the important aspects of fun, relaxation, and social interaction. As instructors, they try to pass on their own inspiration and experiences while tapping into the student’s interest. Red Dot’s students range from beginners with no experience, to practicing artists with graduate degrees in art. More about our mission.


We have weird hours. Saturday 9 - 12 and during class times. We may be at the gallery other times, but call first before you visit. Class times: Tuesday 6-9, Wednesday 9-9, Thursday 9 - 2:30 and 4:30-9, Saturday 9-12. Gallery will be closed Saturday, July 13 for a workshop.