Expectations of Red Dot Kid Class Students and Parents

Kid class at Red Dot is playful and educational, but our facilities are also an art gallery and working studio. These important reminders will keep your kids and our space safe and happy. We almost never have issues with the following rules, and we'd like it to stay that way.

No touching the art. Goes without saying, perhaps, but you'd be surprised.

Red Dot is not a jungle gym. We love kids to go wild outside, but our space has breakable art, unfinished student work, and things that shouldn't spill. Kids need to regard their hour here as a time of relative stillness. We'll help by playing music to stimulate relaxation. Siblings who come in with parents after/before class need to be closely supervised. 

Parents are not meant to hang out during class. There are numerous restaurants and shops right around the corner, and Homewood Park is just up the street.

Students need to have a one hour attention span. There will plenty to occupy them. 

Red Dot is not a babysitting service. We are art instructors, not after-school playtime monitors. Having to discipline one kid robs the other kids of instruction time and changes the atmosphere in the class. Students with discipline issues will be asked to stop the class without a refund. 

Be on time, before and after. We know it can be hard (and impossible once in a while) to make it to class promptly, but please do your best. We'd like instruction to begin right away so the kids have as much time as possible to make art. As for after class pick-up, we have an adult class starting soon after, so we need to set up for it. We won't charge for late pick-up unless it becomes a regular thing.

We have aprons BUT: The kids may be working in a material that could stain clothes. We do our best to keep the kids covered but can't guarantee they'll walk away spotless. If it's a concern for you, please have your child wear less fancy clothes on class day. 

The age limits are there for a reason. While we love to give every kid the opportunity to learn art, we also understand that different ages require different kinds of instruction. Our age limits are in place to make sure our students have the most fun and productive experience possible.

Students are allowed one free miss during the school year, and two free misses during the summer. We understand it can be difficult to attend every class. This is why we allow students to make up a missed class so paid sessions can be extended to 7 weeks during the school year, and 8 weeks during the summer. However, we do not allow any more “free” misses beyond this exception.