Open Space Policy at Red Dot…

Thank you for understanding my policy about attendance in Red Dot classes. Those of you who come regularly know that I love teaching new and long-term students, and want to keep the classes as affordable as I can while making a living myself. My prices are fair, and my policy for attendance generous. I don’t waver from them unless there are very special circumstances. 


·     One free miss per six weeks

·     No break between 6-week sessions, (for continuing students)

·     An open space for new students is paid for when offered. Space isn’t held for a future start time. 

 The bottom line: having a spot sit open hurts me and other students.

 I have a list of people waiting for all classes. I lose money, and those on the waitlist lose their chance to paint when a spot sits open. I don’t hold spots for even my most dedicated long-term students. They understand that this is how I make my living, and that I am basically paying for people to not attend when they want or a break, a free miss, or to hold off on starting. 

 I understand why a student might think my vigilance about this shouldn’t apply to a class or two, here and there. I calculated that I’d lose $1900 in a 6-week period if all my students took a free miss other than the one allowed, or a break between their 6-week session. (Sorry to discuss money, but it illustrates a point).

 I am lucky and grateful that almost all of my students don’t question these policies and go out of their way to make sure my time and income is respected. Thank you for that!