Our First Clay Student Exhibit

Please join us at Red Dot for our first clay student show. Here's the article reprinted from the Homewood Star about the exhibit: 

Red Dot Gallery is hosting its very first student exhibition for Scott Bennett’s clay students. Entitled “Mud Dabblers,” the show will begin with an opening reception on Friday, Aug. 7 from 5-8 p.m. It will continue through the end of September. Students will each display several ceramic pieces that they have personally selected from work they’ve completed in clay class at Red Dot. Most work will be for sale.

Many of the clay students at Red Dot have been taking classes from Scott Bennett for years, and others are newer to the medium.

“We are proud that our students range from total beginners to professional artists with advanced degrees in art,” said Bennett. “Our one-room school house method has proven to be beneficial for all of our students, and definitely spreads inspiration and enthusiasm.”

Red Dot’s mission has been to create both a happy and sociable environment for their students, and to offer them a place to exhibit once the student’s work has developed a personal voice and a solid body of work. Because of the numerous steps in the clay process, the clay students take longer to develop a style and a good number of pieces to exhibit.

“It’s exciting to showcase clay students for the first time,” Bennett said.